What makes us different?

Our Head Straps:

  • Double stitched heavy duty and unbreakable neoprene head strap
  • Stainless steel chain with two D-rings hanging on the sides below the chin

Other Head Straps:

  • cheap and non-padded neoprene which are very uncomfortable and cause rashes if worn by people with shaved heads.
  • Poorly stitched and break easily
  • Do not sustain heavy weights. 
  • Chains are made of poor metals which rust and easily loosen and widen. 
  • They may break and cause accidental injuries by weight drop.

Are our head harnesses comfortable?

  • Padded & adjustable head strap provides ultimate comfort 
  • The Velcro closure allows adjustment for required and comfortable fit. 
  • Flexible steel chains and two D-rings do not rubbing against your ears.

 Are our head braces secure and easy to use safe?

  • Our straps are made with unbreakable neoprene and stainless steel chains which are ultra-capable securing heavy weights
  • Our head straps come with Velcro closure which allow easy adjustment for required and comfortable fit. 
  • Flexible stainless steel chains and two D-rings are attached with carabiner attachment which allows quick and easy loading/unloading of weights.     

Who can use our head harnesses?

  • Boxers/MM Fighters
  • Football players
  • Other athletes, who are concerned about strengthening their neck spine.

 Money Back Warranty?

  • Lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarantee.
  • If you don’t like our product,we will buy them back without charging any shipping/handling fees

Free Shipping?

  • We offer fast and free same day shipping.