What makes our arm blaster different?

  • Our arm blaster increases bicep tone by locking your elbows in place to isolate the biceps during curling exercises 
  • Contoured Plate in our arm blaster helps you maintain correct posture during curls.
  • Manufactured with thick gauge aluminum which can never easily bend with any weight you put on your curl bar or dumbbells.
  • The padded neoprene neck strap offers 600-lbs lifting capacity and ultimate comfort 

Why you should choose Arm Blaster to strengthen your Biceps?

  • Arm Blaster is an innovative way to isolate and strengthen bicep muscles
  • Contoured design intensifies all the strain and concentrates power into the bicep muscles, by preventing arms from swaying away during heavyweight curls.
  • It allows fast pumping of biceps and forearming muscles
  • It puts maximizes benefits of bicep curls. 

Item Dimensions:

  • 22.80in / 579.12mm L x4.10in / 104.14mm W x 5.20in/132.08mm  

Item Weight:

  • 1.8 lb

Available Colors:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Grey 

Lifetime Warranty:

  • Love them or we'll buy them back. No questions asked!!! 

Fast & Free Shipping:

  • We Offer fast and free same day handling and shipping

Free Returns:

  • We offer 30 days free returns or exchanges (at buyer's discretion)